A special thankyou to all who relayed

It’s over again, and you all did an amazing job! On total Fly For life raised a grand total of L$362,263 that is over $ 2,000! For the ACS I always find it hard to sleep on the last Relay day wondering if I did enough the last two years I sat through Meetings for RFL with a bucket between my legs throwing up as I was sickened by my own fight against cancer a fight I have won twice and hopefully this time will be the last. And yes I did not do enough and I resolve to be more active next year. I have some exciting things in mind for next year. I hope you join me next year for the goal of blotting out the sun with our aircraft let them sail in the shade!


I am going to tell you a personal story that haunts me and is my push to do relay back when I was 19 years old I found myself without both of my parents thanks to cancer, That left myself and my little brother to fend for ourselves I had a stable job and was going to university and arranged to have my classes at the same time he would be in class. To make Shure he could still live with his family (even if it was just his big sis) this went well for a year until my beautiful little brother began to feel sick so I took him to the doctor and the diagnosis ripped my heart out B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Sadly this type of leukemia causes Immunodeficiency and one day my brother became tired of being trapped in the house and went to play with a nearby little boy who had just recently gotten over Pneumonia. Shortly afterward he became very sick with Pneumonia one night he started gasping for air all I could do was hold him while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. Thit night my 9-year-old brother died in my arms drowning in his own lungs.


Once again I thank you, For my brother, I thank you, For my parents, I thank you for whatever love the one you are thinking of right now, I thank you. Also, take this time to offer yourself thanks. We did a great thing as A community in SL and we ignored any petty Squabbles to do it may we take this lesson od the power of community forward not just in Second life, But in real life as well. When you stand unites with your neighbors there is no foe that can stand against it.


also a special thank you to Steph who Lit this Online donation luminaria for me.

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1 Response to A special thankyou to all who relayed

  1. Thanks for writing about your fight with cancer. It’s one I’m winning so far after chemotherapy, radiation and several surgeries. I hope the best for you, and grieve with you about losing your parents and your brother to cancer. Keep fighting!


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