Forgotten places of SL 2 The Gulf

It has been a long weekend, you may be sitting around bored wondering what to do sick of being slapped by sim crossings or trying to pretend the latest Drama in the sailing community has not happened. (More on this later this week)  How about venting your frustrations with some war games? And where better to enjoy a a few war games better than the Gulf?  Even if you are not into war games This is an amazing area with plenty to see ant to visit and explore Many aviators in SL forget this place exists or just avoid it but you are missing out. so Lets all out on our combat boots and helmets and visit the gulf.

WW2 central

First and foremost the gulf is a World War 2 combat zone so you better come prepared. Of you don’t have combat gear your first stop should be WW2 Central. Here you can get a free Sub or boat to play with the Free Jeogeot gulf freight system a combat focused freight game that allows you to haul cargo or prevent that cargo from being delivered using a Destroyer or a Submarine. The game features a point system that lets you buy upgrades for your Boat or even select AT products.


The sim is also a mall that sells many cool WW2 products for roleplay. But if combat is not your thing, the build It’s self is rather nice and representative of an industrial port city. You will find large slips for Battleships for Rent as well as two warehouses with WW2 tanks and this a lovely build of a S-80 Submarine on display a new AT Lance combat Battle sub  compatible with JGFS (While Boats are not the focus of this blog I think the audience will be interested in a review of this lovely so stay tuned for that)



Over in the Guadalcanal sim you will find one of two WW2 airports featuring a fantastic build and places to explore as well as a few shops that sell WW2 aviation products.


Fletcher Field

The second WW2 airport has one of the most enjoyable Approach paths in Second life have you ever wanted to fly over an active volcano?snapshot_023

In Hyojong you will find the second WW2 airport. Fletcher field which also features some amazing builds (of you ignore the  sky boxes its mainland what can you do am i right?) you can almost feel the dust in your nose form the runway.



More civil minded? The next three airports are for you.


Wright Brothers

no trek around the gulf is complete without a visit to Wright  Brothers, to explore the old fallout shelter which people whipper secretly is home to a Worldwide Evil Criminal Network perhaps you can be the one to find their Headquarters in this massive network of tunnels.



Archerfield Aerodrome

In Sourness, you will find Archerfield Aerodrome home of the ZSK main store. It features two grass runways a nice build and more hidden things to find.  Visiting ZSK’s main store you will find two mysterious aircraft shaped shadows upon the ground. Hints at products to come?



Lastly no list of the major airports of the gulf would be complete without Unity. It’s a Airline Sponsored airport, in the middle of a combat zone, Poor brave souls. (all kidding aside the unity folks are nice people.)   But it does have some cool go-carts, bowling and other activities worth the visit for the go carts!




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6 Responses to Forgotten places of SL 2 The Gulf

  1. John says:

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE MAGAZINE and commented:
    Great review of some of the many airports and airfields in SL:


  2. This article would better be titled “Airports in Jeogeot Run by Friends of Mine” The only one obviously forgotten here is Unity. None of the ones you mention are really ‘forgotten’. They just aren’t of much interest to non-combat pilots. You failed to even mention that Frank Fletcher is under new ownership and management (and as near as I can tell is no longer content restricted).


    • slairmenship says:

      crim The reason why i labeled all of these airports as “Forgotten” is empty rental boxes the point of the forgotten places articles is to bring traffic to places that don’t see enough. As far as content restriction I have no clue about Fletcher but both archer and Write have both lifted that long ago. WW2 central I don’t know if they use ward stone either. TO be frank i don’t mention ontent restrictions because 1 its a loaded topic, 2 you cant test it without potentially breaking a rule and lastly I simply don’t give a rat’s arse. if i want to fly a Civil plane its a ZSK, Java or One of Micks. I does not effect me and reporting on it would be reporting from a point of Ignorance and I don’t write for CNN 🙂


    • slairmenship says:

      And TO be honest all of the places in installment one Are Ran by friends of mine. If i Decided to avoid writing about places ran by friends i would not have many places to write about.


  3. I’ve visited Frank Jack Fletcher Field and found it admirable. Obviously I must fly around a liltle more – thanks for this feature!


  4. Reblogged this on Ars longa, vita secundus… and commented:
    Second Life has an active aviation community, and the Second Life Airmanship blog is a good resource for information with no drama or self-referential filler. Just info about cool planes, how to fly in SL, and nice places to fly TO.


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