A special thankyou to all who relayed

It’s over again, and you all did an amazing job! On total Fly For life raised a grand total of L$362,263 that is over $ 2,000! For the ACS I always find it hard to sleep on the last Relay day wondering if I did enough the last two years I sat through Meetings for RFL with a bucket between my legs throwing up as I was sickened by my own fight against cancer a fight I have won twice and hopefully this time will be the last. And yes I did not do enough and I resolve to be more active next year. I have some exciting things in mind for next year. I hope you join me next year for the goal of blotting out the sun with our aircraft let them sail in the shade!


I am going to tell you a personal story that haunts me and is my push to do relay back when I was 19 years old I found myself without both of my parents thanks to cancer, That left myself and my little brother to fend for ourselves I had a stable job and was going to university and arranged to have my classes at the same time he would be in class. To make Shure he could still live with his family (even if it was just his big sis) this went well for a year until my beautiful little brother began to feel sick so I took him to the doctor and the diagnosis ripped my heart out B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Sadly this type of leukemia causes Immunodeficiency and one day my brother became tired of being trapped in the house and went to play with a nearby little boy who had just recently gotten over Pneumonia. Shortly afterward he became very sick with Pneumonia one night he started gasping for air all I could do was hold him while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. Thit night my 9-year-old brother died in my arms drowning in his own lungs.


Once again I thank you, For my brother, I thank you, For my parents, I thank you for whatever love the one you are thinking of right now, I thank you. Also, take this time to offer yourself thanks. We did a great thing as A community in SL and we ignored any petty Squabbles to do it may we take this lesson od the power of community forward not just in Second life, But in real life as well. When you stand unites with your neighbors there is no foe that can stand against it.


also a special thank you to Steph who Lit this Online donation luminaria for me.

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Get the Freight out in an old Bush workhorse.

Like the rest of Second life I have a love for De Havilland Canada aircraft. They are ugly purpose built and get the job bone. And another DHC plane has come to second life to join the fleet this tine the big ugly DHC-4 this is also the first plane by stephanie4867 I am reviewing


Let’s start with the important poop

Crew: 2
Passengers: 6 on a parachute zipline
Length: 22M
Wingspan: 29M
Script count: 46
Script Memory usage: 1936 KB
Script timing (not running): 1.123694 ms
Land impact: 111
Full Mod Perms: yes

As you can see She is a bit heavy, but the sim crossings were for the most part smooth but the dead time of loss in control is slightly above average (4 to 5 seconds by counting) as far as overall flight reliability I can’t say without extensive long term testing.

Build Quality and flight scripts

From the outside the DHC-4 looks good no real mesh creases or LOD issues were found over all the exterior looks like a lot of attention went into it. The cockpit offers great mouse look flying thanks to the Cheermaster instrumentation and the large amount of glass De Havilland built into the real aircraft.


The interior over all is rather simplistic and feels almost “Striped” almost a throwback to very early mesh aircraft in SL 2015-2016 THI it is not but I suspect that people playing GTFO don’t care too much if the cargo hold looks fancy.


Now let’s talk flight scripting. For people who enjoy simplistic scripting you’re in luck the DHC-4 is by no means attempting to simulate a Fixed wing aviation experience and is appealing to those who just want to move  their cargo from A-B in as smooth and Easy of a way as possible. The flight experience over all is “Very Second life” the aircraft features automatic counter roll but it’s not annoyingly fast.  But it still does not offer you total control of your turn rate you won’t find rudder control from within mouse look either.  As far as bugs my review flight found one, if you try to turn as soon as you are given control back from a sim crossing it will turn on the yaw axis but this is a common bug in SL so nothing to overly scream about.


The DHC-4 feels like a nice plane from my testing. If I were to compare it to anything it’s like a nice bowl of vanilla ice-cream nothing that stands out in a large crowd of other flavors but being full mod everyone can add their own chocolate and sprinkles.

As always don’t take my word for it go try it for yourself. the temo may be found at the SLURL


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DSA version 6 scripts and the Aerohawk

Dynamic flights script. When you hear that term in use it conjures up the names ZSK, THI, DLM. Laminar and Carly’s I am going to toss a new name at you to add to that list DSA.  While Dru’s 6th gen script had been out for a bit it just came to my attention and it shows great potential.

From guilty pleasure inventory bunny to Stardom

I will admit I have in the past had a Love / Hate relationship with DSA planes he was one of the few builders who takes the private general aviation market in Second life seriously binging us some great single engine and twin engine craft that you would see any hobby pilot flying.  An I would buy them up because I love these types of aircraft to me they make the most sense in Second life. I have an inventory full of DSA planes because he took a market I enjoy seriously.

However DSA planes were a bit of a Guilty pleasure for me, compared to many builders they felt expensive the builds looked fantastic on the outside but the interior suffered and there was the ever ominous specter of the Huge, hard to read script heavy HUD, The random reverse bug, slow sim crossings and a flight engine that was not that different from other builders. The mentality of “I love I love that plane but this one stutters less in the sim crossings and flies almost the same ill rez it instead” took over.


And along comes Generation six. A friend let me fly his Generation six Pacehawk and I came out of the experience dumbfounded. Gone was the boring flight of the past DSA planes and in its place was a flight core with physics that were in line with the physics of Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 although moderately simplified for a Second life audience. This was a Genuinely Fun aircraft to fly, with all of the features of the features I loved to see in an aircraft Interactive cockpit and, functional interments and the amazing part is DSA is bringing  all of its products in line with the new flight core. very exciting news from camp DSA

Looking at the “aerohawk”

Thanks to the help of some fantastic Friends I acquired the Gen 6 powered aerohawk for my  review collection and I have been flying it for hours on end in fact as soon as this review is up I am going flying again.

The areohawk is DSA’s rename of the Engineering and Research Corporation’s Ercoupe a plane from 1937 that went on to see a run up to 1969 and was built with Safety in mind and was sold as being spin proof. To aid in this the Aircraft’s wings were given a high dihedral, its twin rudders were pushed far outboard to keep them out of the prop wash, the elevators were given limited travel and the Rudders were linked to the ailerons removing the need for rudder pedals ground handling of the ercoupe on its tricycle trailing arm landing gear as a result was car like only requiring you to turn the control yolk to turn the aircraft on the ground. The result was a type that is still loved by pilots today and has seen related development as the Mooney M10 Cadet   and was a fantastic choice for a second life airplane because as you read the list of safety considerations built into the ercoupe they read like a list of compromises you have to make an aircraft work in Second life and, are the Things DSA has simplified from FSX in his Gen 6 script for second life, or in short the aerohawk is a damn fine ercoupe simulation.

OK enough history how about second life?  Let’s start with the all-important spec. sheet I know you all read my reviews for.

Crew: 1
Passengers: 1
Length: 8M
Wingspan: 12M
Script count: 53
Script Memory usage: 1760 KB
Script timing (not running): 0.619555 ms
Land impact: 61
Full Mod Perms: yes

Those 53 scripts may look like it’s allot but it is the result of a New “Modular” design philosophy from DSA is it a super smooth sim crosser? No but it is acceptable there are far worse in second life to be experienced including DSA Generation 5 the animation in the cockpit itself can be sluggish including its built in interments but this is a new script under heavy development, two revisions in the past week in fact so this can change.



As you can see from the above photos the aerohawk’s build looks great and is a fitting tribute to the beloved ercoupe the textures of the plane lack any normal or specular maps but this is easily changed as the plane is full mod and the Photoshop templates are available for download. And speaking of customization the flight engine tuning notecard is still in the Gen 6 script and is in my opinion easier to tweak.

The interior of the bird is vastly improved over past DSA builds and in this girl’s humble opinion are greatly improved.snapshot_003


Almost all of the switches in the cockpit are interactive including the throttle i don’t know why anyone would want to adjust there throttle by clicking it but the fact you even can is cool. If interactive cockpit switches are not your thing or you’re a Third person pilot DSA has you covered as well with a fantastic new hud that is not only nicer on the eyes but lighter in script count but He also took a page from Java and made his HUD multiple modules so you can just use what you want but when they are all worn look like one big seamless HUD. the photo below shows but a few of the ways you can use the new DSA HUD.


If you are looking for a great two seat single engine airplane for flying the grid, and don’t mind updates and the growing pains of a Script in development the aerohawk is a good grab and I will say it is worth of owning an aircraft who script is in constant active development you get to see some great things in progress and you get a taste of what looks to be a promising future for a Venerable S.L. brand.


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You dirty Poacher: Is that affiliate ethical?

We have a problem that I feel you need to be aware of Unethical people Walk amongst us and they are Abusing builders and Harming the financial stability of the airports that are so necessary to our hobby. We have all seen it, People with affiliate venders who offer some form of “cash back” how they offer this is they send you a small portion of the commission they make.  Now you may be thinking how this does hurt anyone? The builder is still selling planes, I am getting a discount win for me win for the builder awesome! The only person who loses out is the person who is giving away a chunk of their commission. The problem is this is sales poaching of the worst kind and it hurts us all.

Two types of affiliate farms

Let’s protect the innocent and the guilty by using hypotheticals and say there’s lovely airport in S L that we all love called “Bong Airfield” (named after the WW2 hero pilot not the Pipe.)) Bong airfield is a lovely place nice build, Friendly staff the kind of place you love to fly to. You may be aware Running an airport is an expensive proposition in Second life but Bong airfield is different, they have no rentals the whole Sim is nothing but Public facilities so they have two ways to cover the cost of running there airport Donations and affiliate vendor farm that the builders are happy to provide affiliates to because Bong is such a fantastic place.

As you may be aware some Builders give there vendors to anyone who asks, others sell them. Some will only give to legitimate airport owners.   This fact is important to remember to understand our other “Farm” and some of their practices.

Now let’s uses another hypothetical and it’s not too far off base as you see these sort of “Businesses” in airports. They are the type who collect Affiliates the way some collect stamps they put they rent a hangar put them up creating a sort of  vender farm call themselves something like “Foobar aircraft sales” While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these sorts if businesses they are after all common in all areas of second life. They should be looked at with a grain of Ethical scrutiny. I will share the litmus test I personally use to Test the ethics of affiliate vendor farms.

But getting back to the issue let’s look closer at Foobar aircraft sales and its owner “Jake Hoff” Jake has a Signs all over his farm that says “All aircraft 5%” look a little deeper no builders have sails at the same, the other vendors don’t show this, I am Paying full price than have to send a note card with the transaction to Jake and he then Sends the money to me when he is online What gives? It’s Simple Foobar Aircraft sales are poachers.

What is the problem with poaching?

Let’s pretend we have a Pilot named Joe Barnstormer and a hot new Kawasaki C-2 comes out and Joe wants it bad! There is also a couple others he wants but he loves playing GTFO and that C3 is top priority! Normally he goes to Bong Airfield to buy his planes to help support his favorite airport. Than he hears about the 5% off at Fubar and thinks “Sweet that discount will give me just enough to buy that P-51 mustang I have been looking at and I might as well buy that her because with the cash back in that mustang I can upload my liveries, later that evening Joe goes to a Club and wins 2000 linden in a contest.

The problem is in this scenario Bong airfield lost two aircraft sales Joe could have bought both the C3 and the Mustang at bong and one or two Affiliate sales could make or break an airport.

I also highlighted a second issue poachers Thrive on the Stampede to buy a hot new plane there business model needs it in conversations about a new plane the poacher can casually slip in the fact they have there “Discount” and not come off looking quite as sleazy. A popular aircraft can get them in their door and possibly make a few more poaches.  They crave this new Aircraft stampede so much that they will resort to abusing builders and throw bile at Airport owners who happened to get an Affiliate. If you want to see this sort of abuse for yourself Mick McKeenan Has an article about it at his website showing examples of what was thrown at him and an owner of a few airports in S.L.

Other Builders and their employees have been thus so attacked. Tig, Myself as One of S&W’s Staff and ZSK in particular are ones I am aware of  Both have Refused to update or Disabled the poacher’s Affiliate boards. Tig retaliated to the poaching buy putting up a Group vendor that sells her aircraft at a discount equal to the commission she gives her affiliates ZSK puts new products in main store vendors only for a period of a few weeks.

Kimi’s Test for poaching vendors

Lastly I am going to arm you with a few things to look for when you’re thinking about buying a plane at a affiliate vendor ask yourself the following questions

  1. Is this vendor owned by the airport’s owner or the aircraft builder?
  2. Was I overly advertised to come here if it is not owned by one of the above?
  3. Is the same vendor board on the sim that is owned by the Aircraft builder or Airport owner (are they locally poaching sails)
  4. Are they offering some sort of Special offer that is not an offer from the Aircraft builder?


Sales poachers are parasites upon the aviation community don’t be scammed do not support them.

As always Be excellent to each other.

Reminder comments that don’t use a Recognizable S.L. name will NOT be approved.



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Mekeenan nails it for a second time: Finally someone brings real competition in the RP airline market

There are times in an Aviation blogger’s career they have to throw there arms up and give a cheer because something comes along that is just that full of win. That day is today. Up to now the Civil aviation market has been clogged by control by one person and it is nice to see a monopoly face stiff competition.

This evening MeKeenan aviation brings us there second life version of the British Aerospace 146 a short haul airliner. I was pleased to give this plane a Rundown and, now I am going to give you the rundown.


The important stuff

Crew: 2
Passengers: 10
Script count: 10
Script Memory usage: 640 KB
Script timing (not running): 0.011321 ms
Land impact: 187
Full Mod Perms: Granted

As you can see the plane is light on Scripts, details on the aircraft ate selectively placed in to make this bird as efficient in sim crossings as possible in my tests sim crossings from entering the sim line to regaining control have been less than a second to two seconds in terrible sims. As a anecdote as to how stable this plane is as you may recall Tuesday the 31st was a maintenance day in Second life. Any pilots were complaining in SLA about being sim slapped the BAe took me from SLAI to Gaeta airport Club a and back without a single hiccup that is a journey of roughly 450 Sims!


The model itself looks good while not as detailed as others in Second life it has enough details to look great. The cockpit is easy to read (even my 60 year old eyes had on problem without my glasses on in first person view visibility in the cockpit is good and all and all it is a very pleasant plane to fly. And comes with many nice looking liveries out of the box accessible from its menu.




While it is not intended to be a flight simulator it does offer Climb and decent based off throttle setting and will stall if you throttle below 35% without flaps. It handling is tweakable via a rather extensive menu system if you don’t like how the plane handles, chances are you can get something close to what you like from the tweaks.


As you can see the BAe offers a deep menu its easy to get lost in all of the features this craft has.



The plane offers the Same Sounds options as the Dragonfly, APU and ATC chatter however the ATC chatter is sporadic enough not to become annoying. The engines sounds are close to what you would expect from the Avco Lycoming ALF 502H Turbo fan engines and have a good sounding start up Sequence.


Look yet another menu with Sound Stuff!


The fine details

How about the two things I have mentioned in my other reviews of Mekeenan products you may be asking?

As we both know past offering from Mekeenan had had issues with LOD’s I am happy to say I could not find a issue with the LOD’s on this aircraft. It looks fantastic zoomed out over 500 meters all I could detect is some minor deformation in the elevators.

Secondly the aircraft has ditched the annoying Habit of calling you captain every time you do something huge thumbs up for that!

The Wrap up

I am happy to say to anyone who wants to get into airline roleplay and want to go anyplace and not have to face any drama. This is your plane. No she is not the most realistic thing out there and I won’t fault it for it it’s a Fun to fly aircraft. But it has the features and handling that the market it is aimed at want. If you want an airliner Run don’t Walk and get this one I give you my word that you will love it. but don’t take my word for it Head on out and demo it for yourselves.




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Forgotten places of SL 2 The Gulf

It has been a long weekend, you may be sitting around bored wondering what to do sick of being slapped by sim crossings or trying to pretend the latest Drama in the sailing community has not happened. (More on this later this week)  How about venting your frustrations with some war games? And where better to enjoy a a few war games better than the Gulf?  Even if you are not into war games This is an amazing area with plenty to see ant to visit and explore Many aviators in SL forget this place exists or just avoid it but you are missing out. so Lets all out on our combat boots and helmets and visit the gulf.

WW2 central

First and foremost the gulf is a World War 2 combat zone so you better come prepared. Of you don’t have combat gear your first stop should be WW2 Central. Here you can get a free Sub or boat to play with the Free Jeogeot gulf freight system a combat focused freight game that allows you to haul cargo or prevent that cargo from being delivered using a Destroyer or a Submarine. The game features a point system that lets you buy upgrades for your Boat or even select AT products.


The sim is also a mall that sells many cool WW2 products for roleplay. But if combat is not your thing, the build It’s self is rather nice and representative of an industrial port city. You will find large slips for Battleships for Rent as well as two warehouses with WW2 tanks and this a lovely build of a S-80 Submarine on display a new AT Lance combat Battle sub  compatible with JGFS (While Boats are not the focus of this blog I think the audience will be interested in a review of this lovely so stay tuned for that)



Over in the Guadalcanal sim you will find one of two WW2 airports featuring a fantastic build and places to explore as well as a few shops that sell WW2 aviation products.


Fletcher Field

The second WW2 airport has one of the most enjoyable Approach paths in Second life have you ever wanted to fly over an active volcano?snapshot_023

In Hyojong you will find the second WW2 airport. Fletcher field which also features some amazing builds (of you ignore the  sky boxes its mainland what can you do am i right?) you can almost feel the dust in your nose form the runway.



More civil minded? The next three airports are for you.


Wright Brothers

no trek around the gulf is complete without a visit to Wright  Brothers, to explore the old fallout shelter which people whipper secretly is home to a Worldwide Evil Criminal Network perhaps you can be the one to find their Headquarters in this massive network of tunnels.



Archerfield Aerodrome

In Sourness, you will find Archerfield Aerodrome home of the ZSK main store. It features two grass runways a nice build and more hidden things to find.  Visiting ZSK’s main store you will find two mysterious aircraft shaped shadows upon the ground. Hints at products to come?



Lastly no list of the major airports of the gulf would be complete without Unity. It’s a Airline Sponsored airport, in the middle of a combat zone, Poor brave souls. (all kidding aside the unity folks are nice people.)   But it does have some cool go-carts, bowling and other activities worth the visit for the go carts!




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Best forgotten places of SL

This Post I want to highlight places in Second life I thing are real Gems that deserve more traffic than they deserve. Some just don’t have high traffic numbers. All of them are absolutely pleasant places to look at Visiting these locations will give you a great afternoon so fly and boat to these awesome places.

1 Chrystal Bay Marina.

As far as marinas go in Second life this one is a stunner in a fantastic location. A Small bay in the south of the dire strait giving you access to the Blake and mutable ways around if one way has a dead sim in it  its staff is friendly and  the build is ever stunning if you’re out sailing stop by and look around its worth exploring.and with it many public places you can take a long time to do so. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Donohue/220/39/35



Rain forest airport

once again friendly staff and stunning to look at but, I will let the picture do the talking, put it on your next flight plan. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frasier%20Island/195/105/2


FIYC Rain Forest Yacht Club

A extension of the beautiful Fishers Island Yacht Club a lovely social gathering place with some nice rental slips and as always with the locations I am featuring a highly photogenic build also not far from Rain forest airport so go check it out when you visit worth it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cerrado/38/229/22


Komatsu Regional airport

This is a lovely airport off the Eastern point of Satori with a build inspired by the real Komatsu Airport located in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan here you will find both a cival airport as well as the  JASDF just like the real airport the airport also shares a border and friendly relations with the SLMC base at the Fridericus sim  the build there is fantastic and being improved constantly and ears its place as one of Second life’s Hidden gems a great airport to add to your next flight plan as well as many to come.




Thank you for reading this first installment of “Best forgotten places of SL” if you wish to nominate any more places Contact me in Second life under the avatar name atosuria.daviau

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